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Creating audio reproduction equipment that could satisfy the ever-increasing needs of the finest, most delicate receiver and interpreter of audio detail, namely the human ear and complex human brain, is not an easy feat. At Maestro Audio the quest for excellence goes far beyond the capability of normal electronic components, it's a life of passion to create the perfect instrument to satisfy the extraordinary capability of  the human experience of hearing.

        Listen with your heart, see with your ears.......

Audio expert and analog designer André Visser, in partnership and with support of his friend Nico Theunissen, formed a team with a divine purpose, they are Maestro Audio. As Hi-Fi connoisseurs they are still constantly breaking new ground on this almost abstract world of sound visualization and interpretation that enhances our experience of music.

Almost-undetectable sounds produced by complex undertone harmonic effects provide the information to the brain which interprets effects like positioning (staging), room ambience and reflected sound. Gifted with the exceptional ability to distinguish and isolate these intricate sound details, they went on a passionate journey of more than a decade of development. Constant experimentation and progressive elimination of the next level of impurities found in electronic conductance, the breakthroughs were extraordinary.  The results, although undetectable by electronic measuring instruments, but clearly appreciated by the delicate capability of the human ear and brain, resulted in an amazing and fresh approach to sound reproduction, unequalled in the world of audio reproduction.

For the first time the experienced and objective Hi-Fi lover, has the opportunity to enjoy and experience new levels of appreciation to the wonder of music, a divine gift that should be enjoyed by man's divine instrument of hearing.

The progressive elimination of these commonly-found inherent impurities in electronic circuitry, helps to retain the numerous complex, immeasurable harmonic undertone qualities in live recordings. The complex processing power of our ears and brains are sensitively attuned to these qualities, unconsciously creating the picture of music.  It is this overlooked information that provides us with that “feel” of presence, room ambience and reality we experience when listening to a live performance.  Capacitance, valve vacuums, impure resistance and copper impurities found in the signal-paths of most common audio equipment, increase electronic noise and/or distort complex harmonic signals to the level where the smallest of detail are swallowed up by electronic noise or the lack of delicate response.  The incapability of normal circuitry and conductors to convey these electrons and sub-detectable sound waves containing this detail was overcame by the development of low-resistance, non-capacitive signal paths and utilizing Ecosse Monocrystal™ ultra-pure copper wiring.  Impurities in normal lead-solder processes are reduced by using silver-solder.

All amplification stages are designed to offer the very sensitive response capability of true Class-A amplification.  Exceptional fast reactive Mosfet power stages operating in pure Class-A mode backed by the powerful power supply stages, offer exceptional damping for precise and delicate speaker control.
The world's best amplifier, pre-amplifier and speaker system was not developed in a factory swamped with electronic instruments of mass-production, it was personally developed, tweaked and passionately assembled by someone with an extraordinary passion and a divine gift for sound isolation and interpretation.

Philip Smit      
(Friend and Hi-Fi lover)


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